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Monday, April 16, 2007


I have begun the process of losing the baby weight and so far it's going pretty dang well. In the first week, I lost and unprecedented five pounds. I have NEVER lost five pounds in a week before, so I'm going to solidly give all the credit to the fact that I am nursing. The motivation to lose pregnancy weight is easy to come by - I still only fit in stretchy pregnancy clothes but I have three pairs of pants that I can GET ON but would not ever wear in public. Very motivating to have clothes taunting you. I also have ZERO shorts to wear, but a pair of taunting shorts. Summer be acomin' and I don't want to wear pants through it.

By far the most motivating thing to me is this, though, and I can't even believe I'm admitting to it.

Esposo weighs less than I do.

The idea of weighing more than my husband is INCREDIBLY bothersome to me. He's a BOY. BOYS WEIGH MORE. I'm not sure how this fits in my world, especially since of the four actualy 'boyfriends' I had prior to my husband (relationships consisting of three months or longer), two were smaller than me. Of course, one of them was freakishly skinny, and the other the very same height as me. Esposo has two inches on me, and has very broad shoulders (topping my male attractive features requirement). What I'm saying is: I ain't got no excuse, he should weigh more than me.

I plan to right this topsy turvy world this year.


Anonymous Chris said...

Hey, now you can appreciate why I married MY husband. Even PREGNANCY couldn't get the scale up that high for me....


2:45 PM  

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