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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Bathroom Remodel!

This is the 'kids' bathroom - we went straight off the shelf for everything in here. When you enter the bathroom, there's a door to the right that leads to the tub and toilet. The vanity is 48 inches wide and sink tops come in 49 inch widths, so we had to trim and sand it. The mirror is actually one of the old mirrors from the medicine cabinet turned sideways and framed. I glued the trim right to the mirror for the frame, so we're not moving it anytime soon!!

Before - strip lighting... very short counter... doors on the vanity that made storage difficult...

The vanity was more difficult to remove than we anticipated. Yes, it is hovering in mid air. We had to lift it up over the piping that comes through the floor rather than through the wall like a normal house. Also note the wallpaper we found behind the medicine cabinet mirror - PURTY!!

The new vanity is in, the wall is patched, but the strip lighting remains. We got an 'assemble in place' vanity to make it easier on us. It was not really easier. One issue we failed to consider - the drawers on the right hit the trim and can only be opened about half way. You can still reach the back of the drawer, though.

Everything is up except for the frame around the mirror... we have two switches in this bathroom so you can turn on one light bulb, two light bulbs, or ALL THREE light bulbs! Options options! I don't know why we need this, but that's what was there and we didn't change it.

And we're done!!

Cost breakdown (Approx.) - Vanity, $300 (ish, I don't remember exact), sink/counter $120, faucet $73, plumbing parts $15, mirror parts (hanging pieces, trim, adhesive) $20, light $50 (?), paint/drywall - had on hand... $585 total. Plus $17 for the new picture :)


Anonymous kathy said...

It's bee-u-ti-ful!! Can't get enough DIY!

10:13 AM  

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