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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Exercise is dangerous

Our elliptical machine is located upstairs in the bedroom we use as an office. This is okay because 1) it is not in the unfinished basement where I would never go to work out because that's just depressing and 2) there is a TV in the office and 3) the children's bedrooms are right there so during (mythical) naptime I can work out.

I've been 'kickin' it up a notch' on the machine this week because I am no longer weak and pathetic like a kitten, I am perhaps strong like a possum, meaning I sleep in the face of danger.

So, newly on a higher level, twenty five minutes into the workout, I am pushing it a bit, and there's a knock on my door. This would be my new cell phone, so I know I have to answer and sign for it.

So I hopped off the machine and tried to race down the stairs. This should be a Jackass sketch, because I was violently wobbly and crashing from wall to railing, finally bouncing off the wall at the bottom to answer the door.

Yay, phone.


Blogger SCahill said...

Yay you can be reached when you leave the house. which is good since i now seem to be climbing out from under whatever rock has been CRUSHING me for the past few weeks.

3:10 PM  

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