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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Evil Plotting Baby

I am a big proponent of the naked time for babies. I think it's good for them to feel the air on their skin and how their bodies move without bulky clothes and diapers. Pediatricians agree that it helps prevent diaper rash.

I think you already see where this story is going.

Courtney peed through her diaper, actually while I was breastfeeding her and managed to dampen my pants right in the crotch area, making it look as if I had peed myself. Evil genius there.

So I took her up to the changing table and let her lay naked for a bit. I put a diaper under her butt to catch leaks and, uh, poopy leaks. She kicked it down a bit and then tooted with extra, dirtying the diaper. Being a smart mommy, I know that this toot is just a precursor to the real action that's coming soon. Since we're using cloth diapers, I had to put an insert in a new diaper before putting the new diaper under her butt. As I was doing this, she set off a pee geyser and soaked her outfit and the changing pad.

I stripped her and the pad and laid her down on the naked plastic cover of the changing pad. I lifted her legs to put the diaper under her and as her tushie hung suspended in midair for that brief moment, the second show of the tooting arrived all over the changing pad.

The timing of each event was IMPECCABLE. You've got to be impressed with it.


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