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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Not Getting the Point

After four days straight of big events with the kids, I was really happy to just be home on the day after Christmas and putz around the house. I covered the usual bases - laundry, cleaning, filing - and was energetic enough at the end of the day to run to Kohl's to exchange a few items.

I ended up finding new gym shoes and a Halloween sleeper on deep clearance. And then I tried to check out.

Of course today is one of the busiest 'return' days and the store was staffed up to help out - and of course my cashier must have been holiday help AND in her late 70's.

And she tried to scan my item - REPEATEDLY - over the discoloration on the counter rather than the scanner that was 6 inches to the left. I stood there debating how I was supposed to tell her that she was trying to scan using a spot when she finally figured it out. Oy!

And trying to be green, I requested no bag, to which she replied that it was 'easier' for me if I had a bag because otherwise I'd have to CARRY the items. Good Lord No! Carry a shoe box and a 18 month sleeper!?!? You mean, IN MY HANDS!?!? It's weird little things like that that make it harder to go green.


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