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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I'm trying to get control of my snacking and eating so that I can actually lose weight. I know my triggers are stress and boredom on eating, but now I'm dealing with those triggers in a whole new form.

It's name is Lucas.

Yesterday was a long afternoon, after a long day, and Luke screamed and whined and threw himself bodily against his door for about an hour. During which I think I ate four granola bars and several handfuls of chocolate chips. I had a game plan for when I was bored at work and eating, but now what can I do? I'm stressed and I can't take a walk, can't leave the house, can't start a different project because there is a screaming child who is directly my responsibility.

T minus six days to Parents Day Out.


Blogger *lynne* said...

... but you're still burning load of cals rnning around after/with the rugrats, yes? Unlike me, the unmotivated lady of leisure with too much time on her hands! Blah:p

btw, I don't usually tag folks when I do memes, but somehow this time I did, and you're it! :-)


7:33 AM  

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