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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Heart, Ripped Out

I'm a pretty even keel mom. I can't believe how fast they grow and turn into people, but I don't cry about it. I let my kid take risks and try not to give him too much sympathy for his every hurt or give into his every plea. But this morning, dropping him off at PDO, while he screamed and sobbed that he wanted me to stay or he wanted to go home... well, that was hard. So, only 50 minutes left of PDO today.

And Courtney's kidneys are just fine, but do you know how difficult it is to hold a half naked nine month old still for an ultrasound?


Blogger ShellyBlake said...

Hi Liz,
Didn't know Courtney needed surgery! Not sure if this will help, but when Abby needed lots of ultrasounds & echos for her heart, she would lie still if we fed her a bottle (got harder after she was cup trained!).
Good luck today!
Fellow PMOM,

3:59 PM  
Blogger Elisette said...

Lots of ultrasounds and echos? Poor girl! Fortunately, we are at one and done here, as well as the surgery being done - it went really smoothly.

Shhh! I don't use my name on my blog (It's okay since you got it little confused :) )

5:10 PM  

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