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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hello 3:30

I am a stress insomniac. The first hint of stress and I'm up at stupid hours of the night with two choices - 1) Drug myself or 2) Get up and do something. At 3:30 this morning I decided to get up and do something because drugging myself for 2-3 hours wasn't a good option.

When I was in school, stress was about tests and projects. When I was at work, stress was typically about deadlines and 'Oh Dear! Would I meet them!?!?' and yet, no one ever really cared whether I did or not, so why did I stress? Note to self: work on finding fulfilling career.

Tonight's stress components are:
1. Ice storm
2. Ultrasound on baby kidneys
3. Potential cancellation of Parents Day Out for toddler due to #1
4. Potential of being forced to bring toddler to baby kidney ultrasound

Obviously, there is NOTHING I can do about what is going to happen. It is going to happen or not happen and if I were, say, Esposo, I would sleep a deep, happy sleep because I am confident that the world will continue to turn no matter what happens, and you know, it'll all work out.

Instead, I'm me and I have to think about it. What toys will I bring? Will the roads be awful? I wonder if the ice is as bad as they were predicting?

The kitchen's a mess.

Has anyone bid more on my Ebay items? God, I hope I sell some of this stuff because I don't want to hold onto it until the garage sale in April. When do we get our tax refund?

I have to wash the diapers first thing in the morning.

The free shipping deal on the photo book I'm making that I don't have enough pictures for expires tomorrow (or is it today) and I have to get it done by tomorrow or it won't get here for Christmas and then all my work is for NAUGHT.

I hope this ice isn't as bad as they predicted.

Note Re: Baby Kidney Ultrasound - Courtney had enlarged kidneys in utero and they ultrasounded the crap out of us. Then they did a test after she was born and it was all good. And she hasn't had any infections. But they like follow ups to be sure and she was supposed to have this at 6 months, but I was all, meh. And I finally scheduled it for two weeks before the end of the year because deductible has been hit! Get all medical procedures completed by December 31st! Everything is fine with her kidneys. We just have to appease the drs and waste all our time. And money. Just so the drs don't keep ASKING everytime I bring Courtney in. There's a problem with this whole thing, but I'm not going there.


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