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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

ALONE! ALONE! Oh yeah, with a baby...

Parent's Day Out was everything I dreamed it could be... with the shopping and the buying (a camera) and I swear I got in and out of Sam's Club in twenty minutes flat. I forgot milk, but who cares! I was alone! And I even cleaned the hell out of two rooms on the first floor. So my house is very schizo, half of it is clean, half of it is disasterous. WHEEE!

Since I organize this mom's group thing, there are issues always. Any group, issues. It's the nature of many people together. But one of the worst issues is meeting women that I would never ever in a million years hang out with and then having to see them over and over and over again. Which is worse after they're removed from the group because they're WEIRD and no one wants to hang out with them and they can't even use the internet which is a problem on an INTERNET BASED GROUP.

Obviously, one of the women that has been booted from my mom's group has her son in the PDO program Luke is in. And her son, to be very politically incorrect here, is WEIRD too.



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