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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Screwed Second Child

When you have a *ahem* demanding first child, the second child is automatically screwed. It has been noted many times lately that Courtney is plopped into the center of some active playgroup or class and basically permitted to fend for herself. Trooper that she is, she does fend well. There are no tears from her as Luke whines or is dragging me somewhere or vice versa.

Right now we are taking one music class that is age appropriate for both of them. 3 - 42 months, the brochure says! Three! Through 42! Bring your babies! And your toddlers!

Except this is the second session we've done the class and I've only seen one other sibling set in the classes. Oh wait, two, but a twin-set doesn't really count. They're ALWAYS going to be able to be in the same class.

And right now our class is predominantly babies. 6 months, 8 months, 10 months, 13 months. Lots and lots in that group. Maybe one two year old. And that's a mild mannered girl two year old.

And Luke. Luke who runs around the classroom in a giant circle, rolls around the middle of the class and generally pays little to no attention to the class. Courtney even goes trudging off in a crawl to see what's going on while these other babies sit happily by their mommies.

WTF is wrong with these other kids?

So today I had to pick up and leave in the middle of the class because Luke was simply not listening and I had HAD ENOUGH. I didn't feel judged at all, I still feel my response was appropriate, but yet, I still felt like turning around and pointing at all those little Stepford babies, waggling my finger and threatening "YOUR DAY WILL COME!!"


Blogger Wendy said...

oh please I did the "leave on floor" thing with the first one. It's just funny cuz yours is just so HAPPY to be sitting there alone. Strange kiddo

2:16 PM  

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