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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My Babysitter is Sucking It

The potty training thing? SUUUUUUCKS. So far we have had approximately 2.5 hours of sitting on the potty today and zero success on the pee and poop front. Dude, how long do I have to do this? Seriously, how the hell to I get him to pee? I've tried running water in the background, and pushing liquids (which doesn't work, he's at a set happy level of liquid intake and no, he would not like more). He just needs to pee ONCE and have some success I think...

Anyway, the kids are being absurdly cute, with Luke reading books to Courtney right now. Which leads to the point of my babysitter - AKA the TV - biting the big one. I was all worried maybe 1-2 months ago about Oh No! He Is Watching Too Much TV! Except now I can't get him to sit still for 35 minutes so I can work out. Dude, go rot your brain!

Obviously, I am the complainy sort.


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