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Wednesday, January 02, 2008


So I am more intensively trying to potty train Luke. In the midst of Courtney trying to pull herself up on the toilet (I don't care how clean it is, I don't want my infant pulling herself up on the toilet) and Luke crying about sitting or standing on or near the toilet, I may or may not have shouted SERENITY NOW!

May. Or may not. Take your pick.

I keep hearing about children who willingly sit on the potty. Or who just up and trained one day. This is not my child. Today we went to the Target clearance section and picked up a big truck that's hauling four other trucks - this is his potty prize. When he pees on the potty, he can have one of the small trucks.

He's never peed on the potty. In fact, he will pee in his pants/pull up/diaper five minutes after he sat on the potty. Either he's not ready, or he's evil.

Right now, I'm voting evil.

This is probably the one parenting task I'm most dreading, which really puts it all in a happy light for Luke, too.

He says 'I don't know how to pee on the potty!'

I KNOW, kid. You have to LEARN to get the truck. That's the POINT.

He screams.


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