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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Cutest thing EVAH

For awhile now Luke has been helping Courtney onto the couch. I would leave the room and when I came back, she'd be perched among the cushions. I'm 90% sure she can't make it up there on her own - too dang short (20th percentile height at 15 months, and 10th% weight - she just hit 20 pounds!).

I didn't know HOW he was doing it, though. We were sitting in the family room with Luke on the recliner - footrest out. Courtney started trying to get up on the recliner. I asked Luke to help her up, expecting him to maybe grab her arms or around her waist and boost her up.

Instead, he lowered the footrest and then lay on the ground on his stomach in front of the chair. Courtney obviously knew the drill because she headed right over and used her brother as a stepping stool.

How could you only ever have one kid and miss out on moments like these?


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