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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mocking Your Choices

A discussion recently came up in my Moms group about having some "Mom's Nights Out" (henceforth known as MNO) at coffee shops and ice cream establishments. In an instant, the response was "WHA-WHAAAAAAAAAA??" by most of the people that I am close friends with. The issue being, of course, that at these MNOs there would not be alcohol. And we are all about the beer and liquor. And there was even mocking of the 'coffee' and 'ice cream' idea.

Now, I know I shouldn't judge. Coffee and ice cream might be nice (except at 8 PM, I mean, dude, I have enough problems with sleep) at times. But at this point, my times out of the house without children are limited, and since I rarely drink at home, I'm going someplace there's beer. And also, at ice cream places, there are frequently CHILDREN. Even at 8:30 at night. And I don't want to go to places where there are CHILDREN when I don't have any CHILDREN with me. I want to live unfettered and free with a pitcher.

I don't know why we're quite so appalled that there are people who want to go out without having alcohol present, I just know there's a reason those are the people I'm closest to.


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