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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Problem Solver

Luke is using his brain in better and better ways, working on convincing me that he is indeed intelligent (honestly, there were a few weeks there where I was starting to question the boy's overall intelligence.) As we ate lunch, I asked him to eat two more carrots and then he could go. He snapped one in half and ate it, then asked "May I please be excused?" (for some reason that little lesson stuck in his head very well).

I said "No, you need to eat one more carrot."

He volleyed back "But I breaked it into two pieces." Lawyer.

As I sat here working at the computer, I heard a shriek of frustration from his bedroom, where he has the door closed building train tracks. I tried to open the door and couldn't, as he sat in front of it. I asked him to move so I could open the door and get in to help him and he told me "You can turn sideways."


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