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Saturday, September 06, 2008

Five Years Approacheth

In two weeks we celebrate our five year wedding anniversary, and can I just say HOLY CRAP THAT WENT FAST?!?! I mean, we do have two kids and all, but we've also been in this house four years. The last couple-few years have been pretty slow on the ol' accomplish-o-meter, as in travel/life experience shit like that, but I guess the "two children" are a pretty big thing and decent reason to have slowed down on the travel. They kind of rock.

Courtney, easiest child on the planet. This is where the second child wins because she could possibly not be the easiest child on the planet, but after the first one, my perspective says she is.

Booking a hotel in downtown Chicago to celebrate 5 years without spending $350 is chafing my ass.


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