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Monday, August 25, 2008

Facebook... All the Kids are Doing It

I joined Facebook recently, or months ago, I really don't know. It's all recent to me. I had tried Myspace last year, but the whole thing burned my retinas and made me cry - people had pages set up so freaking music started blaring out at me immediately, the 'skins' and the scrolling... I'm particular about how my pages read and I should never had to scroll left-right to see anything. Only up-down.

So, Facebook! I jumped on and found a few people from high school - two, I think. These were people I actually spoke with on a regular basis in jr high or high school. So I have some memories of them. Now through them I've been found by other high school people. Who I have virtually NO memories of - good or bad. I guess it's nice to connect? But I don't... have anything... to connect you with... sorry.


Blogger Isabel said...

I joined facebook a while ago, but it seems like in the past month everyone from my high school joined up. It's's like they all found facebook on the same day.

Anyway...give it time. I'm sure there will be tons more people in a few weeks!

11:02 AM  

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