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Tuesday, August 26, 2008


The scene:

Mother and son sitting at the table with an array of paint pots, paint brushes, paint in trays, paper, and a wooden craft dinosaur. The boy wears a blue smock to "protect" his clothes. A stack of used, paint filled baby wipes sits in one corner of the table.


The boy picks up a small paint brush, sweetly calling it 'the tiniest brush in the world', and the mother begins to contradict him but thinks the wiser as truly, it is the tiniest paint brush in HIS world.

He dips his tiny paint brush in the black paint and gives the wooden dinosaur an eye, which ends up taking over most of his head. The boy exclaims "He's got lots of eyes." Again, the mother thinks to correct him but refrains and simply says "hmmm" in an approving way.

He paints the body of the dinosaur black and then dips his still black soaked brush into the blue paint with a quick follow into the green paint.

"What do blue and green make?" he asks as he aims his paintbrush at the dinosaur. "Black!" he exclaims as the residual black on the brush overtakes the colors. "No, no, honey..." the mother explains...

Repeat for red and yellow, red and blue, green and blue (again). Each time with returns to the black paint the boy creates BLACK rather than the actual mixing of the colors.

The mother's brain starts smoking as she attempts to prove to her child that mixing colors does NOT in fact always create black. The boy disagrees, as his experiments have clearly proven that when mixed, colors create black.

The woman begins waving her hands about talking about corrupted experiments, isolating variables, and generally poor use of the scientific technique.

The boy states he is done with the dinosaur craft. It is all black.

End scene.


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