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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Command of English

I buy things off Craigslist at times - toys and clothes for the kids - and the typical gaffes annoy me. THE TYPING IN ALL CAPS. Not listing a location. Overppricing. And of course, spelling and grammar. I do like to give a spelling a grammar pass to those who have English as a second language, but there is a lot of horrific typing out there. And when I *think* I'm dealing with a foreign-born person and show up to buy something and their speech reveals them to be clearly American-born, it's always a shock. How can they communicate THAT poorly?

But this one, HAS TO be foreign born just because of the correct grasp of SOME of the English spelling tricks...



Blogger *lynne* said...

okay after five minutes of head scratching I finally figured it out... teeter totter!!!!! [or however it really *is* spelt (spelled?)] hmmm maybe I need Spelling Refresher 101 myself :)

9:18 PM  

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