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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eight Hours in the City

Crap, we have gone to Chicago more this year than in the last three years combined! Esposo competed in the Accenture triathlon with his brother and sister, and my MIL and I schlepped my nephew (8), niece (6), Luke, and Courtney in the see them race. You know, for the five seconds you see them run by at the end. But the kids were ridiculously excited! And then we spent some time wandering around watching other racers, seeing Buckingham fountain and going out to lunch while Luke (again) tried to physically meld himself to him 8 yr old cousin. Who, as it happens, is a perfectly normal eight year old boy. And perfectly normal eight year old boys are not always the best influences on their three year old cousins as they wander off, punch their shadows, ask incessant questions, and operate in general all around conceit. Please proceed to blame all of Luke's bad behavior on his cousin. Even if it's been around since well before he saw his cousin. I LIKE MY CONVENIENT SCAPEGOATS.


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