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Monday, September 08, 2008

Take Your Kid to Church

If only for the humor...

Luke had his first day of Sunday School this past weekend and of course there was singing. Singing for Jesus. I like a lot of church hymns, they can be beautiful. But children's church songs are insufferable. There were 17-18 kids in Luke's three year old Sunday School, and for the singing portion, they brought in the equally large 4 year old and kindergarten classes. Picture 45 children in a room. (Remarkably well behaved, though, I think they were confused. Also, they didn't know each other.)

The singer has a guitar and starts singing The Jesus BeBop or some such thing. *shudder* The kids were supposed to JUMP UP every time she 'beeped'. There was one kindergarten-er in particular who was actively instructing her younger brother to jump at the appropriate time (across four children), and Luke happened to be standing next to her. Standing. Absolutely still. Arms at his side, as 44 other children jumped and bounced and BeBopped with Jesus.

It was really hard to stifle my laughter in the back of the room. Luke does not do the BeBop for Jesus.

It got better when the older kids left and we moved onto the creation myth for the three year olds. (Yeah, myth. I really don't understand why some Christians have to cling to a LITERAL interpretation of the Bible, because it doesn't make scientific sense. I like science.)

They had a big giant book about the six days of creation. You know what they didn't have pictured in the big giant book of creation? Dinosaurs. And Luke is a tad obsessed. So of course he had to add in there that "Dinosaurs came before people". I don't think the teacher heard him... is it wrong to want her to address dinosaurs?


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