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Friday, October 07, 2005


Sittin' at my 'puter on a Friday afternoon, sittin' sittin' sittin. 'puter 'puter 'puter. Data from the latest testing sucking really hard. What the #$%@*!?

And then from behind my monitor (dun dun DUN)

came a spider.

He crawled along my cube wall and I looked around for something to do something with him with. I generally don't like killing things, even bugs, especially when they're not bothering me, they're just going about their day. And spiders, in all theory, are good. They eat other bugs.

Now he was on top of my cube wall, and I have some containers at my desk. I could trap him, so he would die a slow miserable death in a bottle.

Not nice, either.

He's crawling over my name tag, and down the other side of the wall.

But I'm still itchy and jumpy, like he's going to crawl up my sleeve or pant leg. Agh!


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