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Monday, October 10, 2005

Some beer and the aftermath

I went out Friday night, and a good time was had. I didn't party my brains out, but I did drink entirely too much Hefe Weissen, one of the few beers that I really and truly love, although just thinking about it this Monday morning (I went out FRIDAY) is making my stomach do some flips. A good way to know when you're done drinking? When you start borrowing money from people to buy drinks.

Another way to know when your friend is done drinking and should be taken home? When she is grabbing other patrons on the ass (male and female) and chucking coasters throughout the bar. Fortunately, that was NOT me.

So Saturday, when I was to be missing my son, I was in extreme hangover pain. Extreme. Pain. It made it a little easier to be away from him since I hurt so much. I was saying things to the dog like "I know you need water, but I just can't do that right now." And infant in that state? Ugh.

So Beer, and other alcoholic products, I'll see you again in about three months. Maybe around New Year's Eve. Mommyhood and alcohol do not mix.


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