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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lots of Flailing

This week was supposed to be a hectic and momentous week at work as we started the first of our five major projects for this year. There was running around and calling people and getting things signed off, and yes, lots of flailing.

On my part, there was worry about Luke's temperature and would I have to go home, and thus finish my part earlier than I had hoped. There was the need to MAKE THE DECSIONS.

Except that now, the thing got pushed back a few weeks by possibly one of the stupidest mistakes. Not on anyone in my department, thankfully. But you can compare it to hosting an ice cream party for 10 five year olds, and you get the invitations out, and the sprinkles, the bowls, the spoons, the whipped cream, the chocolate, but when it comes down to it, you have no ice cream.


And today, I weigh in on our Biggest Loser challenge and my scale at home says I've lost NOTHING. And really, overall I've done very well dieting. It's rude to hit a plateau after a week. I deserve half a pound, man.


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