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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Nap? Please?

This is not a good week. I think I'm screwing up several things just by my inaction, and yet when I try to get the action going, I simply can't. The good news is that I feel better than yesterday, so hopefulyl tomorrow I'll feel better than today. That would be nice.

I have a lot of things to write about, but I can't seem to get that organized either.

1. The baby keeps crawling into the dog crate, but I haven't gotten a good picture of him in there yet.

2. We went to the park yesterday, where Luke stood on grass and woodchips. These things are completely foreign to him, since he's been inside for four or five months and certainly can't remember that long ago. It's fun to watch him try to figure out why the ground isn't exactly even.

3. I need a nap. I am so tired, and I'm sleeping like a rock, I just need another hour or two of sleep, rather than getting just a little bit more each night.

4. I am going to have to pay into the Biggest Loser contest this week at work, since the cake and icecream palooza this weekend left me up two pounds still. I was hoping to shed two pounds yesterday by not eating much and drinking enough water to fill a bathtub, but that only took care of one pound. Dammit.


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