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Thursday, February 02, 2006

The People I Deal With, But Not Everyday. Thank God.

I work in a manufacturing plant. We make stuff in big tanks and then we put the stuff in bottles and tubes. Most of my job is making sure we make the stuff right. And when you're making sure of that, you have to talk to the people who DO the making of the stuff and putting it into bottles and tubes.

And that's where things get interesting.

We have one guy who likes to randomly burst into song. Loud singing.

There's the woman on the line who asked me, after I told her I had a son, "How old is the hen that laid the egg?"... what? And after I said 29, told me she thought I was 35.

And the errors people make? Are incredible. Task: Line up the bottles so they go get filled with liquid. Result: Bottle placed upside down, liquid everywhere! And my favorite part of that one was the adamant refusal to accept resposibility. "It's not my fault!" Yeah, the building ghosts are responsible.

Today I have to deal with a whole line of annoyance. We were starting up, and I was going to take some samples. But it was 25 minutes before lunch, so everyone on the line - six people - moved as slow as freaking possible so they wouldn't have to do anything. AAAAGH!

They should just write in their blogs instead of wasting time like that!


Blogger Amanda said...

People like that make me want to make a mad dash in the poopsite direction!

7:24 PM  

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