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Monday, February 27, 2006

Mathematically Defunct

I am continuing merrily along on the Biggest Loser challenge at work - still in fourth place, behind three guys, so I lament the male vs female weight loss differences. We need DIVISIONS here! I'm winning the female DIVISION!


Apparently at the request of several competitors, the organizer of the challenge issued 'statistics' to give everyone a better idea of where they are in the competition and what they need to do to win, etc etc. Her method for doing that was to provide a list of the total number of pounds one needed to lose to catch the leader, and the total body fat percentage needed to catch the leader, independent of each other.

So, she published that SkinnyMini needs to lose 9.98 pounds total to be the winner! And the leader is at 8.8%! And so... SkinnyMini weighed 113.4 pounds at the beginning of the challenge.

She published that SkinnyMini needs to lose 2.27 body fat percentage points to catch the leader! And the leader is at 8.8%! And so... SkinnyMini's body fat percentage was 25.8% at the beginning of the competition.

Are you getting my point here? She published out information that makes it incredibly simple to calculate what everyone's starting point was. After seven weeks of keeping everything mum and tight lipped about who weighs what, we can all find out what was the worst number for each of us.

For your edification - the weight ranges of our group were 113.4 lbs to 218.64 lbs. (SkinnyMini? Actual competitor. Why, I have no idea. I guess because of her body fat percentage). The body fat ranges were 25.8% - 45.8%. I am neither the max nor the min in either group, which is why I'm sharing.


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