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Friday, March 10, 2006

Uhuhoh, Losin' It

Last night, Esposo was inspired to continue some work on the never-ending bathroom project that he had started two or three or maybe nine months ago. Who knows. We have a two bathroom house, maybe I should just convert ours to a closet??

Naturally, he had to make a trip to "Home Depot". EVERY time Esposo works on the bathroom he has to make a trip to the "Home Depot". I imagine down at the local bar they see him coming and say 'Hey! Working on the bathroom?' as they slide a beer across the counter to his waiting hand.

While he was gone, I put the baby to bed and talked to my mom on the phone. I was laying in the warm coziness of our bed when Esposo came home and we chatted a bit. Then we called the dog. The dog is incredibly needy and loves to go to bed (she gets upset if we stay up too late). The dog SHOULD have been right on her dog bed drifting into dog slumberland. The dog was NOT there.

Which led to shouting for the dog throughout the house, panic that we had left the dog outside, because she's a spaz who likes to eat other dogs and has once gotten out of the yard to eat another dog, and though we've since put measures in place to prevent the getting out, who knows what could have happened.


And the dog was locked into the baby's room, where she had wandered when I put him to bed. I've about had it with these animals getting locked in places. Earlier this week the cat got locked in the guest room for a day. Grow OPPOSABLE THUMBS already and get yourselves out! Or try NOT having to rush into any room I open the door to! GOSH!

This morning Luke woke up at 5:30 and we headed down for breakfast together. The Incredible Eating Machine devoured four French toast sticks and cheerios, and then demanded that he be allowed to explore the house and verify that no one had stolen any of his toys, or even better, check to see if anyone had left the bathroom door open so he could play in the pool.

I started getting the other needy, and far more furry, beings their breakfasts and found the washing machine, upon which the cat water and food bowls are placed, covered with mud in the shape of little cat feet. Not know what the cats had gotten into, and grossed out by the thought of what it might be, I quickly cleaned it up and wiped off little cat feet.

Esposo came down from his shower and told me that last night the cats had escaped, and he only found out when one came wandering back IN all full of mud. He went search for the other one, shaking the treat can, and then found him waiting on the back step, all Um, it's raining and wet, can I come back in?.

And they let us have a BABY?


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