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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Madame CEO

Hey, 300th post here! Whee!

Since Esposo has been going to "B-school", as the kids are calling it, I think, our house has had some books and magazines work their way in through the cracks. When Jack Welch came to visit, Esposo got his book Winning autographed and briefly met him. Now Winning is sitting on our kitchen table as the only available reading material.

I'm an obsessive reader, which explains how I got into this whole blog thing. I read cereal boxes as a kid, or my mom's magazines, or the newspaper, or most preferably, crappy books I got from the library. Probably due to the immense quantity of crappy books I read as a child, my tolerance for crappy books has decreased with age. So I look for new types of reading that generally will leave me a little more knowledgable than I was before. This has led to reading a lot of parenting magazines, because I need that info.

This has also led to reading business books and Fortune magazine.

My father was a businessman. Wall Street Journal and a load of business magazines were delivered to our house. Being trapped with nothing to read but Wall Street Journal was an upper circle of hell to me. When I worked the front desk at a remote bank with nothing but the Wall Street Journal for entertainment, I went through it cover to cover, but retained nothing.

Now, I'm reading Fortune every month, and finding it interesting. Jack Welch is telling me how to win as I feed Luke French Toast sticks and fruit. And I don't want to be in the business world, because as I read the articles and books I find that the passion these people have for their life's work is something I would never experience in the business world.

Ain't that a smack upside the head.


Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

congrats on the 300th! whoohoooo!!

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