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Monday, March 13, 2006


I use email every single day. I communicate with people far away and I communicate with people I see every single day. Need to remember something? Email. Bored? Email. Random question? Email. Planning something? Email.

And I have rules about email.

1. Thou shalt type well. I understand on the fly emails with typos, but those stupid abbreviations that these kids today are using on the text messaging? Are hell to read in an email. u r a q-t! What language is that? This is entirely unacceptable and it gives me a headache to translate from text slang to English words.

2. Thou shalt have thy own email address. There are dozens of free email providers and millions of combinations of letters and numbers. There is no reason for you to share an email address with you significant other or spouse. If I wanted to email them, I would email them, not you. It's just creepy and weird.

3. Thou shalt read email. Again, I use email to communicate. My schedule conicides with no ones. If you don't read my emails, it is akin to ignoring me as I talk. Log in.

That's it. Just three rules.


Blogger Isabel said...

Oh my gosh...I totally agree. I have so many girlfriends that just "use" their husbands e-mail account. I tell them time and time again to "GET YOU OWN account, in fact, here's an invitation to gmail. Use it!"

I usually type their name in the subject line HOPING their husband won't read it. Not that I'm saying anything bad, but it's just none of their business.

1:18 PM  

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