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Monday, March 13, 2006


Subtly cruel or malicious; spiteful

Women are catty. This is a given. It truly is part of being a woman, of being a person. It's okay for men to be catty, too. Cattiness serves a lot of functions, and along with gossip, it's gotten a bum rap.

I have known people who are never ever catty or gossipy. And I've found that in general, it's not because they're so saintly and nice, it's because they don't care about other people. When you're being catty you generally know a bit about the people you're talking about. And gossip is PURELY about knowing people. It may be none of my business, but if I make it my business to know, it means I care on some level. It's curiousity, and it's how you feel connected to the world.

So Long Live Catty Women and Gossip Queens! And sit next to me at lunch.


Blogger Cmommy said...

Whatever inspired this post, you wrote it well and captured the concept. Nice job!! C

8:24 AM  

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