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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Learn to Talk Already

Luke is starting to amaze us with the sheer volume of language that he understands. He responds to asked questions - last night Do you want to go to bed? was met with outstretched arms - and commands such as Go get your shoes and Go get your coat. He'll sit in our laps for shoe placement and put out his arms to put them into his coat.

As I placed him in his crib last night I said Lay down and I'll tuck you in and he immediately hit the mattress and snuggled with his afghan. He knows when I tell him it's time to get in the car and he trots his very short self over to the car door. Unless the car is parked close to the edge of the driveway, then he creeps along sideways on the pavement because EW! It's GRASS! I don't want to walk on GRASS!

With all this understanding going on in his little head, he's still not putting together words. I understand that when children start talking is hugely variable, much like walking, but he gets language completely! Use it! Communication would greatly improve the needs being met, kid.


Blogger Isabel said...

I am always fascinated with the rate that kids learn things. It's amazing!

2:22 PM  
Blogger RubyB said...

You certainly want him to start talking. I mean, do you want a me? I didn't talk at all until I was 2 and look what has happened in the end.

7:52 AM  

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