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Monday, March 13, 2006

Home Improvement

We constantly have projects in process at our home. There are a million and one things to do in any home, and when you buy a slightly older home that hasn't been updated, add another million. We both have the tendency to start projects and not fully complete them, though the incomplete projects will gnaw away at my soul while Esposo sends them out of his head with a happy little completed check mark next to them. They are NOT complete.

Case in point, the crown moulding we put up in our dining room. We had physically attached the crown moulding to the ceiling and walls, but there remained gaps to be filled and the moulding needed to be painted. This is what I spent yesterday doing, and I am extremely pleased with the final project even though I am walking robot-like and wincing when I have to lift my arms to drink.

Foolishly, I also chose to finish the replacement of our living and dining room curtain rods, which was also over my head. Even stupider, I choose to do these types of things while standing on the arms of couches our chairs. I lost my balance on the arm of a couch, and faced a myriad of options of what to fall into. The standing picture frame which I would surely destroy? Luke's IncrediBlock with solid plastic edges which would destroy me? The wooden rocking airplane? I aimed for the floor as best I could, while trying to miss (this is how you fly - aim for the ground and miss. What book is that from?) and ended up scraping the side of my hand along the window pane and sill and bruising it rather well. Nothing else seems to have been injured, though I landed on the other sofa arm angled over the wooden airplane.

Esposo worked on the bathroom, and I hope to order the tile today.


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