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Friday, March 03, 2006

Stop Swearing

When I picked up Luke from daycare earlier this week, the daycare ladies (what are they called? Infant Care Specialists?) told me how smart Luke is. They were telling him to go pick up a ball and off he would trot to bring it back. Same thing for his shoes. Last night as I fed the dog, Luke got down on his hands and knees and started putting his hands in the food bowl and taking out handfuls. (Yes, our dog will eat other dogs, but allow the infant to steal her food. A lesson in inconsistency, she is.) I told Luke not to do that and to give the food back to Mocha, which is promptly did and then stood next to her patting and hugging as she ate.

So the baby is understanding a LOT of words. Which means that the attempt to quash swear words from my vocabulary needs to step it up. I've sworn since about age 10. Swearing in itself doesn't bother me, as long as it's used with proper emphasis. I like having swear words in my lexicon - sometimes I need to pull out a 'bad' word for emphasis. I want my children to similarly respect the power of certain words, which means they have to understand off-limits words.

Which means I have to present the words as being off limits and cut swearing out of my vocbulary where it has snuck in. Dammit.


Blogger *lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

LOL, I hear ya!

my swear vocabulary was pretty limited to s**t, d*mn, bl**dy h*ll with just an occasional sprinkling of the f-word for most of my life (and during my pre-university days, I had to be VERY careful of what I said within earshot of my mom, otherwise I would receive, well, h*ll, for it, LOL!)

... then in 2001, I got introduced to Eminem, listened to all (well, two at that time) his albums all the time, and found myself spewing the f-word like there was no tomorrow...

I've been trying to cut back ever since... :p

11:39 PM  

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