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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

The Lake

We had a beautiful weekend at the lake, in which we put in the pier, cleaned up the shoreline a bit, cleaned out the garage, and tried to go to the dump (it was closed). We also roasted marshmallows by enormous fires, took walks (or in Esposo's case, a run) with Luke, built sand castles, and ate copious quantities. Excitingly, for me, I only gained 0.2 pounds.

Growing up, I always wanted a lake house, and to go camping, and all sorts of outdoorsy type things. I never got a tent (and no one would have taken me anyway) and the one time we went to a lake house with some friends, my brother got leeched. Not that I particularly enjoyed the lakes in the part of NJ we were in - they had muddy bottoms, EW.

Though Esposo's family lake house is only a short drive - 2.5 hours - we don't go up there that often. We do manage at least once a month in the summer and started going up for NYE last year. We plan to repeat that as it's just a beautiful place to spend holed up with fireplace roaring.

The family has added a swingset (from The Vet) and a sandbox (built by The Vet and filled by us) which added a great dimension of play for Luke. There are trucks and toys to amuse him for hours, and if we can add some friends and cousins into the mix it will be a place of fun and exploring for Luke. For me, it becomes more and more of a home away from home, and I look forward to finishing the basement to add more rooms to play and have a bigger houseful of people.

I used to joke that I married Esposo for his lake house, and he married me for my house. But mostly I'm just happy that we both enjoy it together, even if right now it's a lot of work.


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