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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Outta Da Bed

There is some hubbub in Internet Mommy Land, because apparently Dr. Ferber, of Ferberization, has recanted and said co-sleeping is okay. But the American Academy of Pediatrics still doesn't recommend co-sleeping.

Now, I think co-sleeping is crazy, but my general philosophy of life is you do your thing and leave me alone, so I would never preach to someone that co-sleeping was crazy because they're doing their thing, not co-sleeping with ME. That said, I was also shocked when a friend popped her newborn in his crib down the hall the second day she brought him home. Luke slept in a bassinet directly next to our bed for the first six weeks, where I could frequently reach over and touch him (our bed is EXTREMELY high off the ground and the top edge of the bassinet is in line with the mattress). If he fussed I responded near immediately.

That said, at six weeks, we moved him to his crib and found out that he was capabel of sleeping in longer stretches than we thought, because he'd move, I'd touch him, he'd wake up... alone in his crib he was freer to go through the natural sleep cycles without me waking him up fully.

He's slept with us ONCE in the bed for a few hours when we were on vacation, and during that time I think he had each of his ten toes up my nose at various points. It was NOT a pleasant experience, and when I think about snuggling with him in a peaceful slumber, that fitful morning comes back to me and into the crib he goes.

I read a lot on Internet Mommy Land, and mostly, there are Crazy Internet Mommies. People like to judge judge judge without knowing other people's children. Co-sleeping is a hot Internet Mommy Topic, and it should be interesting to read the fall out that comes from Ferber's retraction.


Blogger Isabel said...

Co-sleeping scares me. I don't trust myself.

Our new little guy sleeps in his big-boy crib (in our room, since we're in a one bedroom apartment) and has since his first night home.

I guess people have to do what's best for them.

But's a hot topic.

5:58 PM  

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