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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


The Arrogant Prick who runs this place ran a training session yesterday that I was required to attend (everyone who works here was required to attend, so it's not like I was singled out). He said some things that stuck with me, and I don't think they were the things that he set forth to have us all remember. To paraphrase, when he was talking about the people they looked to recruit, he said he didn't want people who could achieve goals by saying to people "Come on, let's work harder!", but rather those who made lasting changes to processes and equipment.

And perhaps it wasn't quite how he meant it, but what I heard was that leadership skills weren't as important as changing things up. And what do I think this Arrogant Prick lacks? Leadership skills.

So what he lacks is unimportant.

I know I've mentioned this before, but I constantly think of this when i am faced with lousy leadership. My sophomore year soccer coach got me to improve more and work harder than any other teacher, coach, or boss I can think of. And the way he did it? He simply believed I could do what was set forth.


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