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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Transition! Transition!

Did I mention that we're in transition here? Like, once or twice? That is pretty much the only thing on my mind. Yes, Esposo has to speak at graduation on Saturday and I don't know how Luke and I are getting there yet (since Esposo is driving in early, we don't want to take two cars...). Yes, Luke is saying new words, like 'eggs', and becoming precociously cute with a little girl from my mom's group, giving her hugs when he sees her. Yes, we're travelling ON A PLANE with a child who has just entered Tantrum-a-Thon Aught Six for FOUR HOURS. We may be shot.

BUT WE'RE IN TRANSITION! This is the only thing on my mind. Approximately every five seconds I think 'OHMIGOD! Esposo is DONE with grad school! And will have a JOB!' and in between those thoughts I have thoughts that are like 'Don't I have a lot to do? What do I need to do? Right, change reservations, talk to cousins, get driver's license, strip furniture, test Benedryl on the kid for drowse inducement, figure out if we can do any of the other things going on this weekend, RSVP for the baby shower...' and then I do none of that because I'm right back at 'OHMIGOD! Esposo is DONE with grad school! And will have a JOB!'


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