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Thursday, May 04, 2006

US Mothers Deserve $134,121 in Salary

I'm assuming these studies are done and articles are written to continually prove how very important motherhood is. Perhaps I'm a bit cranky today, but it all pretty well reeks of BS to me. And I WANT to stay home. The choice to stay home, if you have that choice, has so many variables that it's just ridiculous to put some sort of monetary value on what you do at home. What are you going to do? Bill the kids?

Is everything we do tied to some sort of monetary value so that we can compete with each other? Well, you may earn $100K in your job, but I SHOULD be paid this much! gah! The biggest challenge for me staying home will be knowing what financial value I could contribute to the family and am no longer contributing, not because we're in dire need of that money, but that money could let us do things like remodel the kitchen and finish the basement.

Whatever my "earnings" would be if I were paid for everything I do at home (refinishhing furniture at $30 an hour), I'm not keeping a timecard. Esposo and I have discussed the reason WE want me to stay home and it's to make both our lives better. I will have the time with Luke I so crave and Esposo will be able to do more on weekends that isn't laundry and lawn mowing and the constant dog paddle to keep everything in place. It isn't about the money, it's about life.


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