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Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Cats

We have these cats, I will call them 'Moxy' and 'Simba', as those are their names, and if you wanted to steal them, there's no way Simba is going to come if a random person calls him, and Moxy will amble over even if you call him 'Worthless lump of cat fat'. Which explains something of their personalities but not much.

Luke doesn't like Moxy now, because Moxy forcefully rubs 18 pounds of cat against every person he sees, and 18 pounds of cat on FOUR legs at about 15 inches high versus 25 pounds of toddler on TWO legs at 32 inches high, computing the center of gravity and relative stability of each being, and well, the kid gets knocked over all the time. So he whines at Moxy at lot.

Yesterday the new cat climber arrived and I put it together for the cats. It has a hammock for them to lie in, high above the sight of the toddler, and a small hidey hole, and sisal rope scratching posts. There's a soft mat for their comfort.

Naturally, they hopped in the box it came in.

I "encouraged" them to use their new toy, and by encouraged I mean plopped into the hammock and shoved into the hidey hole. So far I've only seen Simba willingly using it to scratch on the sisal rope. The problem being, of course, that Simba was declawed by his previous owner and THAT'S JUST POINTLESS.

I positioned the new tower beneath a window to allow the cats to lounge and watch the outside world, which they do so with so much passion and interest that they become convinced that they MUST go out there and MUST explore! Which is fine when they get into the backyard, but if they get out front their ears meld into their heads and they crounch within millimeters of the ground. Moxy has even gone so far at to climb the glass door when he illadvisedley went out front.

I don't know how to end this, so, CATS!


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