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Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Luke has become rather male in rather stereotypical ways in the past month or two. One is the discovery of the toy he carries with him at all times. This doesn't bother me in the least, except for the fact that he enjoys running around nekkid so he can stop frequently to touch and point at the Always Available Toy, and frequently lets a small stream of pee out onto the carpet.

Which reminds me of the assertation that one should let children run around nekkid during potty training because they won't like the feel of pee on their legs. Luke has already exposed the major flaws with that idea - 1) he's peeing on my carpet, which had occurred to me, 2) Um, there's a toy down there, and while I don't want him to grow up repressed, free reign access isn't the best plan either, and 3) he hasn't peed ON HIMSELF once.

I had expected this childhood rite of passage, and I am staring down the road 6 or 7 years when he finally becomes embarrassed by me seeing his body and him playing with it, so I'm relatively unfazed. Years of "You only do that in private" await me.

The phase I hadn't expected to crop up quite so soon is Luke's fascination with my boobs. Recently, due to the change in our morning schedules as Esposo went to work, Luke has watched me dress in the morning. And two things, which happen to be right next to each other, catch his eye. I can ignore this mostly, though I'm starting to encourage him to play alone while I dress (which doesn't work, because THEY KNOW when you want them to play alone that something interesting must be happening).

What I can't ignore, mostly because it hurts, is they casual playing with the twins that Luke has been doing while I carry him. He grabs, he twists, he pinches. I suppose it's never too early for him to learn that they're SENSITIVE and he should use his NICE TOUCH there...


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