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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

My Home

My dreams for home ownership were always that I would be diligently working on completing each room to my exacting vision. Esposo and I would put in hours of sweat and effort and create a home environment to raise our children in that was warm and cozy and reflected our family.

Of course, while I love HGTV to death, and watching the renovation stories always makes me happy, I don't have that kind of time. And there are certain things you can't do while watching the child, like using toxic chemicals and a lot of sharp things. My planning has to take on the form of nap time activities and waking activities, and then I only have a few hours each day to do EVERYTHING, like feeding and bathing the child. Already, his bathing is lacking and he's getting smelly faster in the hot weather. Time to set up the pool!

We've also found that we don't want to give up a lot. I'm more willing to give up weekend events than Esposo, but still we plan playdates and go up north and go out. We're not the type of people who want to stop our lives to work on a house, apparently. Which doesn't mean I don't want the house finished.

I'm now at 30 days until I go part time, and I can't wait for the extra time. Time to do laundry and wash the floor and organize. To post things to craigslist and finish the 75% refinished dresser. Time that means that hopefully Luke won't be so angry to be home in the afternoons, because we'll have had time together throughout the day.

Readjusting the vision from "QUITTING!" to "Parttime" has been a bit depressing, as I thought I would have much more time. But when my basement seeped this weekend and we had to buy a sump pump and the basement guy gave us a $900 crack repair estimate - for cracks that aren't leaking right now, by the way - I'm glad I'm going to be working awhile longer to help us accumulate a better safety net and do some of the things we want.


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