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Monday, June 05, 2006

Long Week

Growing up, my weekends were lazy. We didn't do a whole lot, maybe went to the store, watched some TV, rented a movie. Then I joined the soccer team, and got a job, and my weekends became more hectic, but still nothing overwhelming. Post college, weekends were again lazy - waking up, hitting the store, drinking until 3 or 4 AM, and then trying to recover from the hangover before work on Monday.

For reasons in and out of our control, our weekends have taken on lives of their own, to the point that I frequently forget what we did on Friday night by Sunday afternoon. The longer we have weekends and weeks with that kind of activity, the more I get bored with television and books, the things that used to amuse me for hours. I can't seem to get into a book unless there's calm and quiet around me, whereas before I could read in the midst of a hurricane.

It's not that I'm tremendously social, or at times, even barely social, at all of the things that we're doing, but just being around people and at different places changes the perspective of a weekend.

At a wedding we attended Saturday, I sat at a table with other members of a group I was a member of in college. This group is national, and 104 years old, so it has a relatively large membership. I was extremely involved in college, holding four of five offices in my time there. And the four members there spoke about issues I had only heard about in passing, and I realized how far away from it I was. And I wouldn't even know how to rejoin, which is something that has crossed my mind in the past few years.

We spoke about some mutual acquaintances, those who had joined after I left college, and my instinctual response to their casual comments about people that we mutually knew, was "What the hell do you know?!? You weren't around when. You know nothing." Not that I stated anything like that, just that I felt that way, as if they should know and understand my memories and their importance. These people who are so wrapped up in parts of my life being casually tossed out in conversation by people who knew little or nothing of my relationships with them.

But on Sunday we went to see XMen3, and celebrated Esposo's 31st birthday by eating a lot of meat at a Brazilian steakhouse (git yer minds outta da gutter!) and those people who had popped into my head on Saturday occupied no space as we debated the promotional path of steakhouse carvers.


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