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Friday, June 09, 2006


Sometimes I don't feel like writing. That's when I'm particularly whiny about people not emailing me, even if they haven't emailed me solely because they emailed last and really it's my turn. Continue to amuse me, please. Except for you, who keeps emailing "I'm bored." because I don't feel like typing. And I get all excited for an email only for the entire email to read "I'm bored."? This does nothing for MY state of boredom, so if you want me to assist on the boredom I need you to tell me about the tarantula dream you had or something.

Wait, that was me, with the dream about the tarantula in a bucket. And then later in the week I read about Dooce's encounter with real live tarantulas next to her house and my skin is getting very creepy crawly. I don't mind LITTLE spiders, but spiders where you can clearly see the spidery parts without a microscope, like, you know, the eight eyes, those suckers can go far far away. I don't even think I could kill those things with a shovel. The squish would be awful.

One of the weirdest things that the internet has done for me is the whole blogging phenomenon. Yes, I am genuinely interested in the daily mundanities of a variety of bloggers (listed to right). I don't really get this, but it does. It kinda bothers me that my friends (as I don't consider bloggers friends, I don't post there because I am passive) don't keep blogs updating their mundanities. Mundanities, while an annoying word to type, is pretty much what life consists of. Especially with a toddler and a 9:30 bedtime.

Speaking of the toddler, he got his fourth incident report in four weeks in the toddler room. Dove off a foam cube this time.


Blogger RubyB said...

Okay, so in order to be a good friend and try to keep your last bits of time at work interesting.. I wrote some stuff.. go look.. comment.. and then i'll write some more. it's bound to get better.

8:02 PM  

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