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Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Everyday Luke turns more into a little boy, with commentary that I still don't understand, but plenty of it. Everyday I sit on the couch at some point, and Luke hauls himself up, walks over to me and puts his face nose to nose with me, smiles and says "HIEEEE!"

Just as we teased his cousins, we tease him now by handing him train after train after train until his arms can't hold anymore and he's steadying trains with his chin.

Each morning and evening, Luke gets his naked time, and I can't help but notice that his back is already in the shape of a 'V', broad at the shoulders and narrow into the hips.

He spent 5 minutes this morning walking around with his blanket over his head as if he were a green ghost for Halloween, and giggled insanely when I asked 'Where's Lucas?'. His sense of humor and laughter develop more each day, and there is no better sound in this world than him losing himself in giggles.


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