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Thursday, July 13, 2006

It's 7:34 and I Need a Nap

Luke woke up this morning about 4:30. When Luke wakes up, we all wake up. Esposo went to his room and calmed him back to sleep, but I couldn't do the same. So at about 4:45 AM I got up, showered, and decided to take a brisk walk around the neighborhood (this is part of why just going to the gym in the morning doesn't work great for me - I get up, I shower. I hate to not shower immediately.).

I got home at about 5:40, ate breakfast and got dressed. At 6:15, I was waking Luke up so that we could get to daycare on time.

I've only been taking Luke to daycare for two weeks now, it used to be Esposo's job. I don't like leaving Luke, so I don't like this new job. And worse, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, it seems Miss Myrtle mans the toddler room in the AM. Miss Myrtle is an older woman, and she's weird. Luke generally loves going to daycare - he loves all his other teachers. This morning he ran, laughing, to the toddler room, but when I opened the door and he saw Miss Myrtle, he ran, crying, towards the front door.

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have a lot of problems with that.

On Wednesday, Miss Cathy mans the toddler room in the AM. Miss Cathy is weird, but weird in the way that kids adore. Children flock to her. When I dropped Luke off, she squatted down and asked him how he was doing and he babble-answered, and he was ready for his day to start. I left without him even noticing.

This morning, after I collected Luke and brought him back to the toddler room, Miss Myrtle was showing him toy cars. This was a good move, but he was still clinging to me. So I went to a table and started playing with the cars and getting him to smile.

Which is when Miss Myrtle started saying 'Let's go to the window and wave byebye to Mommy!' ARGH! I will say goodbye to him while he's busy with cars, let's not distract him from the toys he loves!

On my way into work, a large van tried to change lanes into me, and my heart leapt into my nose, we were so close to a massive sideswiping accident.

It's 7:44 now, and I still need a nap.


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