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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Old Dog

Did you ever have an old dog? You know, the dog that just laid at your feet at night, and when you took it for a walk it had a set distance it wanted to go and then was ready for home, a nap, and some belly scratching? Did you ever bring a puppy to play with your old dog? And the puppy leapt about, nipping the old dog’s face, rolling, tumbling, and excessively excited to !!be!! !!alive!! After a few minutes of putting up with this, the old dog snaps at the puppy and gets up and walks away, because GOOD GOD with the exuberance, LAY OFF.

I am that old dog at work right now. We have NG (New Guy) and NC (New Chickie – PC I am not) and they are !just! !so! !eager! to point out what we should be doing and how to improve and they’re going to take over the world, you know, and right all the wrongs, and everything will be span-diffy-fabulous.

I may bite them.

I used to be that excited about this job, and convinced I would make everything the bestest-estest-est. And so I was disillusioned and so shall they be disillusioned. And my goal is to pretty much try not to bite them in the next 22 days (ten of which I will be at work).


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