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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Not Enough Time in the Day

Now that I only work three days a week, we have so much more time! It's like living on an island, with a maid! And landscapers!

I'm not surprised that with two extra days off I have only filled them with so much activity as to be overscheduled each and every Monday and Friday. When people wonder what they would DO if they didn't work, I'm confused - how are there not a million things clamoring to be done for you every single day? It's not as if I have ambitious projects (okay, maybe the bathroom remodel is a bit ambitious), and doing things with a toddler does take at least twice as long and involves a lot more planning (one does not just 'go to the store' with a toddler. One assesses mood, brings toys and food, and limits the store visit), but I am busy beyond belief.

This Friday I'm hoping to go to the gym, hit some garage sales, see my mother in law, and go to a park concert. And yeah, clean the house, paint a room, trim the bathroom... you know, small things.


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