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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The what?

I was driving along to work today, encountering what seems to be the usual traffic obstacles lately - this time a fire at a building along my route and construction, of course - and I heard something very strange on the radio.

"The Cubs beat the first place New York Mets..."

Who did what in the where now? There are so many things wrong with that sentence. First of all, and most obviously, the Cubs beat another team. This doesn't happen. They're the Cubs. And then? The first place Mets? Eh? Back in the day, in, oh, 1986, I was a Mets fan. This makes sense, it really does, because I lived in the northern part of New Jersey. And they won the World Series. And I had an older brother. Lets Go Mets!

I hung onto that fandom for years and years, through college even. When I moved into the city (that city being Chicago, of course) and then later, dated Esposo, I began leaning towards the Cubs. I don't count myself as a Cubs fan now, but I also don't count myself as a Mets fan. Which is good, because I think they're polar opposites. I kind of vaguely root for both teams when I realize that there is still baseball being played in this country. I'm a little preoccupied most of the time, though.

Sports are a pain in the ass to pay attention to. Particularly baseball and basketball, because they play it so often. Football is my style - once a week, same day every week. College football on Saturday, NFL on Sunday (and Monday, I think. Did they stop that?) So easy.

So, apparently the Mets are in first place. I may have to find the bandwagon and jump on or something. But that involves finding the bandwagon. A lot of effort, if you ask me.


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