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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

The Great Choo Choo Hunt '06

Luke got a train table awhile back. He loves the train table. It's actually a train mat, because it's sitting on the floor, not on a table. My mom bought it used with a few trains, and then she added to the trains. These are, of course, the Thomas style trains.

Luke had, at one point, four engines. Murdoch is brown, James is red, a green engine (Percy), and a blue engine (Thomas). There are also assorted passenger cars, repair cars, and trasnport cars. Murdoch and James also have 'tenders'. All in all, Luke should have at leave 14 different train cars.

Except we had two. So we went on the Great Choo Choo Hunt of aught-six.

We found two in the car, one under his bed, one by the fireplace, one in the toybox. There was another wedged behind a ride-on toy. A couple were wedged into his Incrediblock. But we were still down three choo choos - The green engine, James, and Murdoch's tender.

Luke just came up to me with his Fisher Price basketball hoop, asking 'ep. Ep.', also known as 'Help'. Low and behold, wedged into the ball slot was Percy, the green engine.

Now WHY didn't I look there in the first place?


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